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Online Suppliers Things I need to Buy Right Away Things I will buy later
Concept 1 VW
Dell City
Gene Berg
Hoffman Group
Pacific Customs
Speedway Mortor Sports
Texas Buggies

Used parts I would like

Windshield wiper
Battery strap and cover
1961 or later gas tank
Gas tank retaining clips
Steering column with signal light switch
1958 or later windshield wiper and windshield wiper switch
Gas gauge and sender cable
Speedometer and drive cable
4" Round brake lights (Dell City 7410)
3/4" Amber marker/signal lights (Dell City 7605)
3/4" Red 3rd brake lights (Dell City 7600)
Fuse Panel
Red LED indicator light (Dell City 73581)
Green LED indicator light (Dell City 73483)
Blue LED indicator light (Dell City 73484)
7.5A Fuse lighted (Dell City 88875)
15A Fuse lighted (Dell City 88815)
Ignition Switch (73455)

Metal Brake lines (CIP1 VWC-211-611-741-B)
Front Stainless steel brake lines (CIP1 C12-5585-12)
Rear Stainless steal brake lines (CIP1 C12-5585-14)
Gas tank retaining clip (CIP1 VWC-113-201-635)
Clutch cable bowden tube (CIP1 VWC-311-721-361)
Horn (CIP1 VWC-171-951-113)
OE front shocks (VWC-113-413-031-B)
OE Rear shocks (VWC-113-513-031-G)
Accelerator Cable (VWC-111-721-555-J)
Clutch cable (VWC-113-721-335-A)
Emergency cable each (VWC-113-609-721-L)
Split axle boot
Throttle cable bowden tube (VWC-131-721-551)
Gas tank to body seal (C16-111-621B)
Speedo Cable (VWC-111-957-801-J)
Bosch Starter (VWC-311-911-023-D)
Body Rubber Seal (C24-113-798-615-1)

Centre Fill Gas tank (Texas Buggies)

Speedometer (E-Gauges ATM-5887-M)
Tachometer (E-Gauges ATM-5897)
Oil pressure (E-Gauges ATM-5727)
Fuel gauge (E-Gauges ATM-5716)
Oil Temp (E-Gauges ATM-5747)

Chrome headlights with bulbs (Speedway 91101003)

Licence plate light (Hoffman Group 131361)
22mm Green push button (Hoffman Group 189898)
CB Dropspindles (Concept 1 VW)
CB Adujustable beam (Concept 1 VW)

Side pods (Texas Buggies)

Master Cylinder (Pacific Customs AC611015)
White steel wheels 10" (Pacific Customs WHL5L10W)
White steel wheels 8" (Pacific Customs WHL5L8W)
White steel wheels 5" (Pacific Customs WHL5L5W)
Chrome centre cap (Pacific Customs AC601591)
Lug bolt (Pacific Customs WHL015)

Things I can do my self

Roll Cage
Body Work